Virtual assistant and administrative assistant

With the different services we offer, we aim to help and equip SMEs, self-employed workers and startups to grow to their full potential. This is where our virtual administrative assistant service comes in.

Why a Virtual Administrative Assistant service?

Virtual Assistant and Administrative Assistant
With the current labor shortage, we have noticed a greater demand for this type of service. Therefore, our administrative support service is ideal for companies that are unable to fill their positions. Our mission is to virtually support companies and help them with their administrative tasks.
  • Helps fill the gaps in your business
  • Ideal for self-employed workers and/or startups
  • Is done 100% virtually
  • Adapts to your needs
  • Helps combat rising turnover rates
  • Offers stability and a flexible schedule
  • Is “à la carte”, meaning that you pay for the hours required according to demand
  • Saves on payroll deductions
  • GST/QST returns
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Preparation of expense accounts
  • Incorporation of the company
  • Preparation of invoices
  • Organization of their documents
  • Organization of their business travel itineraries
  • You don’t have to worry about administrative staff turnover
  • Expertise of a complete team for the price of one employee
  • Guaranteed confidentiality and computer security
  • Flexibility of working hours according to your needs
  • Reduce costs by paying only for the hours you need. We adjust to your needs (no need to pay a full time employee).
  • Increased productivity by freeing up valuable time and resources
  • Our team is dynamic and always looking for new challenges
  • We have over 10 years of experience in administrative support
  • We are flexible to your needs
  • Our prices are very competitive
  • We are very well located in Old Montreal, a renowned business district

The Montreal Business Center offers you the services of a virtual administrative assistant to help you stay better organized administratively. The skills of our staff are beyond reproach, which will contribute to the development of your organization.

Our assistants are self-reliant, trusted secretaries who will perform a variety of office services. Your assistant can be made available to your entire team. She can also serve as your personal remote secretary. The virtual administrative assistants who work with our customers are all highly trained. They have the experience and tools needed to carry out all their administrative tasks.

While the administrative services offered by the Montreal Business Center are carried out by competent people, they are also telecommuting. So you won’t need to make room for our administrative assistants in your office.

When starting a business, many employers take care of administrative tasks themselves until they can afford to pay a full-time assistant. After just a few months, many companies are in dire straits, because the administrative side of things is so disastrous. If you’re in this situation, finding a virtual administrative assistant can be a life-changing experience.

Reduce your mental workload

Doing administrative tasks all day long can be exhausting, discouraging and frustrating. By opting for our service, you can rid yourself of time-consuming tasks that pollute your creativity and affect your well-being. Thanks to our administrative assistants, your mind will be lighter.

Enjoy top-quality work

The virtual administrative assistant is an expert with a wide range of skills. These enable her to offer you work of outstanding quality, completed on time. As a result, your customer service management will be beyond reproach, and your administrative declarations will no longer be done at the last minute.

Concentrate on other business tasks

If, in addition to your working hours, you need to spend time at work dealing with administrative paperwork, our services are just what you need. We have the resources to find the best fit for a virtual administrative assistant position. Relieved of the burden of administrative tasks, you’ll be able to devote your time to other important company tasks.

Think strategic business development

Everyone has their own area of expertise. If you’ve long been obliged to do your bookkeeping or deal with legal matters, you can now entrust these tasks to someone else. To provide the best possible experience for our customers, our administrative assistants are experts in their field. Freed from administrative and legal tasks, you can concentrate on developing your organization. Call on us to make life easier for you in the day-to-day running of your business.

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