The Old Montreal Business Center reinvents the concept of coworking space for you. Designed for both established and start-up businesses, this coworking space in Montreal has many advantages. Take advantage of a professional and optimized work space located in the borough of Ville-Marie.

at the Old Montreal Business Center ?

Coworking generally refers to an open shared workspace. Although it has many advantages, this configuration can also pose confidentiality problems. The Old Montreal Business Center has therefore set up reinvented closed workspaces: this is coworking 2.0.

You thus have a turnkey office adapted to your needs and which confers you many assets during the day. You benefit from all the services included in our cowork and necessary to your productivity (see column inclusions in the table below).

Whether you are a large or small organization, established or starting up, our shared office space in Montreal is what you need!



Internet haute vitesse illimité
Unlimited high speed internet
Unlimited US/CAN calls
Access to fully equipped
kitchens Free coffee
Mailing service available Office
access from 7am to 6pm Turnkey
office for the day
Screen available for your laptop
Printer/copier available Free scanning
Administrative support available
Welcome your customers
Dog-friendly space


Daily access including all
No membership fees.

50 $


10 access passes including all
No membership fees.
No expiration date.

350 $

* All our services are subject to the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the Quebec Sales Tax (QST).

Why choose a coworking space in Montreal?

The development of companies has changed the definition of workspaces. The company is no longer necessarily this closed infrastructure. From small to large companies, there are now various modes of operation including coworking. In fact, this new practice is so popular that there are currently more than 600 dedicated spaces in Canada.
Coworking is a shared work space that brings together several workers, whether or not they share the same profession. Far from being a handicap, this shared office configuration in Montreal is, in fact, a great opportunity. Indeed, the atmosphere is more relaxed than in a traditional company and facilitates exchanges between professionals. These exchanges, in turn, encourage the sharing of experience and ideas, positive criticism and the building of quality professional relationships.
In addition, a coworking space does not necessarily require a large investment. That is, it is adapted to your budget. You benefit from a fully equipped space and can rent your workspace by the day, month or year.
Finally, you benefit from greater flexibility. Coworking spaces in Montreal, such as ours, respond to your needs and your schedule. This flexibility accentuates the fluidity of the exchanges and the work mode. This will have the effect of boosting your creativity and productivity.

  • An office in the Ville-Marie borough will give you more credibility with your clients and collaborators.
  • Business meetings are made easier thanks to its quick access by plane or train. Public transportation and bicycle paths are also appreciated options for your travels.
  • Montreal’s excellent international reputation provides access to prospects from around the world in all fields.
  • Montreal’s attractiveness makes it a hub for various talents. So many people who can participate in the development of your business.


The advantages of our coworking space in Montreal

Our shared offices in Montreal allow you to benefit from many advantages:

  • A collaborative and creative workspace;
  • Many amenities (high speed internet, unlimited calls, access to fully equipped kitchens, printer/copier, unlimited coffee, turnkey office for the day, free scanning, etc.);
  • Preferential rates with our “passport” formula;
  • A pleasant work space;
  • The respect of your confidentiality and intimacy.

More than just a workspace

Much more than a coworking space, the Old Montreal Business Center also offers a variety of services: private offices, virtual offices, a conference room, a virtual assistant and a virtual address.


The way a coworking space works depends on its type of configuration. Generally, there are three types of shared workspaces: the hive, the “cafe” form and the monthly rental spaces.

Each type of space operates on different subscriptions:

  • Monthly or weekly rental of an open space (common work room) or a closed office;
  • Simple rental (half-hourly, hourly, half-dayly or daily) of a nomadic space;
  • Personalized layout of a space according to your needs.

The hive

Still called “the nursery” or “the business incubator”, the hive is an incubator whose function is to promote the success of young companies. It generally gathers startups from the same sector that are chosen by application.

The Hive offers offices adapted to each entity as well as a common work and catering room. Members can also benefit from mentoring (follow-up by seasoned professionals and mentors) or educational resources.

The “coffee” form

The café model is the one most frequently adopted by coworking spaces. It consists of a large and warm common room with a food and beverage service.

Unlike permanent members of the hive, members of this type of space are regular or occasional subscribers. They settle in wherever a space is available.

Spaces to rent monthly

This configuration provides not only one or more open space rooms, but also dedicated offices. These offices can be either custom designed or adapted according to your needs and subscription.

With so many coworking spaces out there, it’s not always easy to make the right choice. To determine which one is right, there are a few criteria you should consider.

Geographic location

For an optimal organization, the coworking space should not be located far from your home. This condition is important to avoid too much time loss during the journey between your home and the workspace. With the number of coworking spaces in Canada today, it is no longer difficult to find one near your home. If you’re in Montreal, don’t hesitate to drop by!

The schedules

You should be able to work when you want to. In this case, it’s best to choose coworking spaces that are open for a wide range of hours and that suit your work, your lifestyle and your business.

The services

Depending on the workspace, the services offered may vary. It is important to ask about this and to make sure that the services available are in line with your needs.

The rates

The cost is also a point that deserves your attention. For the sustainability of your business, the coworking space must be chosen according to your budget.

The atmosphere

The atmosphere of a coworking space can impact your quality of work. So pay special attention to the atmosphere of the one you choose.

Private offices

Starting at only $ 480 / month

Whether you prefer to rent with a one-year or monthly lease, our private offices of different sizes are the ideal workspace to ensure the development of your business and to proudly meet your clients.

Virtual offices

Starting at only $ 90 / month

Do you want to have a business address without having to operate from a fixed office? With a virtual office in Montreal and Quebec, get a telephone line with receptionist services, a mailing address with mail management and more.

Virtual Address

Starting at only $ 50 / month

Are you self-employed or an SME and would like to give your business a more professional image at low cost? Opt for a business address and get a postal address located in the chic district of Old Montreal in Quebec and more.

Conference room

Starting at only $ 20 / hours or $ 40 / half-day

We do not provide you with one conference room in our offices in Old Montreal, but three of different capacities. Our clients all get free access to conference rooms in our offices in Old Montreal or a special rate for their rental.

Prestigious private offices starting at only
$ 480 / month – MAINTENANCE, ELECTRICITY, Private VoIP phone line & Voicemail, Receptionist service and Conference Rooms included.


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